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Reserch and development
TeCNet is dedicated to research projects to develop modern communication systems. Our designers and programmers are skilled and have extensive experiences they cooperate with the development department of Siemens/Berlin. For example we like to mention our part with the Research and Develope orders in the SDH-Technique (Physical Network development and test, department ICN-Transport) as well as the development and programming of a telephone unit, specifically the programming the access to the data bank with “Java” and the design of the Web-Servers for intelligent management systems for this application (department: ICM Mobil CAIN).
We cooperate worldwide with competent partners. We believe in the usage of High-Tec such as „ATM“ and „SDH“ to manifest the innovation lead. The sale of the developed products (active and passive ISDN-Components, Videoconference systems, Telecommunications software and more) is done with the assistance of our own marketing network and the marketing of our partners in Germany as well as world wide.



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